Let us introduce you
to film and television production
QQ studio Ostrava is a leading production studio, specialized in advertising for television and cinema.

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It is well known in Czech Republic due to producing the TV shows "Pod pokličkou" and "Chalupa je hra" for ČT (Česká televize, the public national television broadcaster in the Czech Republic), for whom they also produced the animated series "Pučálkovic Amina" or "Pytlíkov", and also the series SouthPrag for TV NOVA (the first privately held nation-wide Czech TV station).

In the years 2000-1 QQ co-produced with ČT the feature animated film Báječná show (The Wonderful Show)
Click here to get familiar with how to do both computer and classic animation.

And here how the songs where recorded for the film,
featuring Petr Janda, Lucie Vondráčková, Václav Neckář among many other popular Czech singers

QQ produces also animated films and commercials using plasticine puppets, which are among the best in Europe. Here you can see a wonderful example of our plasticine creations.

The making of the animated series "Staré pověsti české"

the animated series Pytlíkov in co-production with ČT.

Sample from the animation series SouthPrag for TV NOVA
IFILM.CZ (non-commercial production)
You can see examples of our non-commercial works on the website IFILM.CZ, where you can also vote on your favorite... QQ studio films. You have available series like Pytlíkov, music videos and films, in one word - IFILM.CZ
QQ studio is a film and television production company based in the city of Ostrava. Although its creative director Vladimír Mráz is a graduate from Prague-based AMU, his heart never left Moravia. Take a look at this short editing - how we see the "colourful" Ostrava.
22. Setkání kytaristů - 22nd Guitar Meeting
As every year, we support this original guitar music festival. This year again we are looking forward for it at Cooltour in Černá louka where on the 17th and 18th November we will enjoy music from a different perspective!
We look forward to see you there too.

QQ produced a 26-episode animated series for children's channel CS MINI. The screenplay is written by Bohuslav Žárský, the design author is artist Zdenek Janda and supervising a large team of animators is director Vladimir Mráz. The first episode will be broadcasted on December 5th 2012 on CS MINI.
We are preparing a sitcom about Ostrava
Finally a three-year effort to produce a sitcom about the Ostrava metropolitan area is taking shape. Under the working title of "Piňonky ze Stodolní", the team from qq studio team is preparing a pilot to present to one Czech national broadcaster.

Nejkačka.eu has new commercials
The council for the Moravian-Silesian Region commissioned QQ studio to produce 12 internet spots to promote their website
www.nejkacka.eu. Under the roof of the Opava theater, actors from the local company performed very short stories under the baton of director Vladimír Mráz. You can see the making of here.
ACNEON at Anifest 2011
The advertising film for ACNEON, has been nominated for the international festival ANIFEST 2011. This film is part of a campaign for the company Walmark, which is a series of plasticine animation gags set in the middle ages. You can watch this commercial here.

QQ studio frequently collaborates with clients from all over the world. One of the most recent collaborations was with Eurail Group GIE from the Netherlands that commissioned us a documentary film about the 40 years of InterRail. Our staff filmed this documentary in 21 European countries, interviewing European train travelers from 12 nationalities. Watch the documentary here.

We also won many international contests for TV commercials, the majority of them combining plasticine animation with special effects, like for example for the Slovenian company TRIMO
Watch the commercial here.
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DVDs with our animated films, aerial images from Ostrava, or time-lapse documentaries. Novelty is the book "ANIMATED FILM IN OSTRAVA" (translated in English) together with the DVD with the most popular animated films from Ostrava. Feel free to visit our e-shop.
You can also find us on facebook and youtube.
QQ published a bilingual book titled ANIMACE Z OSTRAVY/ ANIMATED FILM IN OSTRAVA. You can buy the book at Librex bookshops or at our eShop.
This edition was possible due to the support of the city of OSTRAVA!!!
Television programs for ČT
QQ has produced for the public national television České televize several programs over the past 20 years like top audience favorites Chalupa je hra and Pod pokličkou.
We also produced the animated title sequences for other programs like
Na stopě
Folklórní magazín
Neváhej a toč !
Sváteční slovo
QQ is a valued and respected producer of cinema and television commercials. Marlenka, Naturproduct, Walmark, Bonatrans, Tondach, Vítkovice, ArginMax, Lacalut, PRIMUS CE, Armatury Group, SCHWING Stetter are some of the many satisfied clients in the twenty years of our existence.
The phenomenal singer ELIS
During the year 2012, we managed 18-year-old songwriter and singer Elis to the 20th place at the prestigious award Český slavík. Her voice has been awarded at international competitions, and now even at English language charts with her new song "Feel Sorry For You". Both her songs and music videos were recorded professionaly at QQ studio.
Visit her Facebook page
Or her website full of videos and making ofs
... judge by yourself.
Music video "Češi jaksepatří"
"Češi jaksepatří" is a music video for the theme song of the animated 26-episode series "Staré pověsti české" that we produced for the TV channel CS MINI, and that you can watch from December the 5th 2012, also on CS FILM.
The German TV Bayrische Rundfunk commissioned QQ studio to produce the animated sequences for their show "Schlawiner Platz". Due to this excellent collaboration, QQ studio produced other animated series for German viewers like for example "Otázky". "Schlawiner Platz" sample
School visits at our studio

We make 2 hour guided tours in our studios aimed to schools. If you would like to visit our studios with your students please write to this
email address.